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The Road To Perdition – Kill, Forrest, Kill!

I just remembered that I went to see The Road To Perdition last night. This is a sort of review. To start with, I’ll talk about Tom Hanks. I think you might guess where that would usually lead, but you’re wrong this time. Sort of. » Continue reading “The Road To Perdition – Kill, Forrest, Kill!”

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Sometimes this feels a rather lonely affair compared to when I was primarily using LJ. While Movable Type is great and all, I miss the byplay of witty comments, the cut and thrust of debate… okay, sure, I can put things in categories and archive them exactly how I like them, but does that really make up for it? As well as the fact that I lose a lot of readers, although most of those will be lazy LJ-Friends-Viewers who added me a long time ago and aren’t really interested in my crap anyway.

I’m toying with the idea of moving the blog bit back to Livejournal, and embedding it in the page. It would look pretty much the same, only I wouldn’t have trackbacks or categories – but I’d have the LJ comment system back, and people would be able to friends-view me. They’d lose the advantage of my wonderful design skills, my carefully-constructed posts would be munged into their friends pages, but the audience would be larger. I might even have to concentrate on content for a change. All of you people who read this right now could continue doing so without barely noticing. » Continue reading “BlogLonely…”

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