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Plug From An “Internet Guru”

JOHO – October 24, 2002 links to my Irony Plugin page. I’m told this guy is an Internet Guru so clearly I am great. (The link is “From Mike O’Dell”, whoever you are.)

Thanks to Pepsi Max from Barbelith for pointing this out.

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I watched Hamtaro this morning. This was something that I have not done before. If you are unaware of it, it is a compelling, episodic animated saga centring around a group of sixteen hamsters known as the Ham-Hams. While these hamsters have somehow been granted the power of speech, small items of clothing and a bijou apartment, they seem unsatisfied with this and spend their time following the directions of the eponymous Hamtaro. » Continue reading “Hamtaro”

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Issues with Internet Explorer

If you are a user of Internet Explorer, you may be having issues with the display of some of the images in this site – quite probably the icons.

This is due to a bug in IE. For details, see this Microsoft Knowledge Base article: Q294714 – PNG Files Do Not Show Transparency in Internet Explorer. Why is this not fixed? I don’t know. There’s no excuse for it. Mozilla and Opera seem to be able to display transparent PNG images fine.

I’ll go some way to supporting IE, I know a lot of people use it, but I’m not going to make my site look worse because it has bugs. I might try to fix the problem with the AlphaImageLoader filter as they suggest, but I’m not going to kill myself for it. I suggest that, if you are using this out-of-date browser, you change to a better one, such as one of those mentioned above.

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Media Drug Bullshit, This Time Legal Ones

Oh dear. An awful lot of bollocks being talked about Paxil / Seroxat (paroxetine) in the UK news, I see. I have no particular brief for this drug but I do happen to know a lot about it and the adverse events that it causes. I also know quite how appalling media coverage of scientific subjects is, so I’m expecting an enormous amount of distortion and general bollocks to appear. » Continue reading “Media Drug Bullshit, This Time Legal Ones”

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How To Read This : Articles & Entries & Archives

Just for your information. Articles are permanent documents on the site (well, at least until I delete them.) They are created and managed with Movable Type. They comprise such things as funnyish pages I’ve written, lengthy rants, film reviews etc. You can access archives of articles by checking the section links – About The Site, Products etc – or through the main archive list (which is a bit large frankly).

Blog entries are created and managed with Livejournal. They are also permanent, but not actually on my site – they’re on the Livejournal servers. They’re shorter and more ephemeral (I like that word). The regular column in the middle of the home page is my blog. You can look backwards either using the “back” link at the bottom of the home page, or with the LJ calendar view (which lists everything, ever, by year/month/day), or with the LJ memories list (which lists things I’ve specially marked with certain subjects).


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Site History

One of the main problems with this site is its history. It’s been going for a while now, and I’ve changed my mind many times about how I want to run it. There’s a lot of “legacy” stuff out there and cataloguing it is horrible.

Here’s how things have evolved. » Continue reading “Site History”

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Dope Testing For Life

Originally written 18/04/2002

Ostensibly, drug tests in sports are to make sure that athletes don’t do themselves permanent harm due to the demands of competition and professional sport.

However, people every day are doing horrific things to their bodies in the name of work. They destroy their health purely on account of money, social status and the sublimated demands of their parents – like athletes.

Well, if it works for Olympians, why not the rest of us? » Continue reading “Dope Testing For Life”

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Enjoy the freedom from irrational fear that stalkersonline can bring you – at very competitive rates!

This was featured on B3ta. I’ve blogged enough of their stuff in the past, it only seems fair.

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