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Penguin and Bill

penguin, bill gates, baseball bat

from KMFMS

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My first program

My dad found this photo while they were moving. Apparently he took a picture of the first program I ever wrote, on a BBC Model B with an amber monitor. 3/5/83, when I was seven.

Scan of my first ever program

Tsk tsk. GOTOs. Actually, knowing me, it probably wasn’t my first one, it was the first one that worked and I was just claiming it was my first one. Revisionism.

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Rocket Penguin

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Baltimore, Birthday, Twenty Seven

Some pictures from my twenty-seventh birthday thing in Baltimore. Some, I’m afraid, are a little blurry. I’m still getting used to this camera.

Most of the pictures are from wandering around. The restaurant is Kawasaki, currently my favourite sushi / general Japanese place in Baltimore. The neon coffee is from a place in Fells Point, I think it’s called Daily Grind. The blurry band is… um… I’ve forgotten. I liked the singer, though, who looked like a character out of Wacky Races, I’ve forgotten which.

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