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Blurry murals, Philadelphia

Tonight I went into Philadelphia to see Adaptation and have a couple of beers. Or the other way around. Also a hot dog and a mid-sized bucket of Diet Coke. To consume those, not see them… okay, before I get any more confused, I had my L’Espion in my pocket as usual and took some blurry photos of murals and stuff in the area between South Street and Market Street, and on South Street. Next time I will take my proper camera and get some proper photos; the L’Espion is not designed to take proper pictures of anything more than about ten feet away. However, I’m putting them here anyway.

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Very cold here right now

This morning there was frost on the inside of the living room window. » Continue reading “Very cold here right now”

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SUVs Suck

My position on SUVs is that they suck and are lame. Their disadvantages in fuel economy and safety pale in comparison with their overall shitness. If someone says they drive an SUV, I merely point and laugh and say “you idle fatass, your car sucks”.

All cars are horrible for the environment and potentially lethal. Old VW Beetles produce vast amounts of emissions. But they don’t suck. SUVs suck. They blow. Driving an SUV around town is like wearing a t-shirt saying “I am a dumb suburban ad-watching fashion-victim who thinks that owning one of these makes me a grown-up”.

Because you know what? SUVs are a lifestyle product. There’s no real reason to own one apart from the fact that you like the look of them, all they are is big. I might make an exception for someone who was six foot six and couldn’t fit into most cars. But that doesn’t count for very many people. No, people who buy them are like kids wearing branded sportswear, and that sucks too. Only the brand is for suburban adults.

I hate that shit. I hate it anywhere. I hate superficiality and consumerism and defining yourself through brands. And that is why I dislike SUVs. The stuff about them being more dangerous and needlessly wasteful is true, but that’s just extra ammunition.

Also, I am frequently nearly run over by wankers in SUVs who don’t know the meaning of the word “indicate”.

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