Fixed slug housekeeping

slug.jpg (0K)

If you clicked on the comments link or the permalink for the last post before last night you would have been taken to a non-existent page. This is now no longer the case; I’ve fixed it (to do with a missing post slug). So there. This sort of thing can happen quite easily if I’m composing a post via the web interface and then finish it off and submit it using Ecto.

I also removed the Flickr photos from the Feedburner feed. I didn’t think it really fitted in with the main themes of the blog (whatever those are). You can always subscribe to the Flickr feed independently, it’s in the sidebar with the rest of the syndication info. Or, if anyone cares, I could put it back in. And don’t forget the feed for Through The Mirrorball, which has now turned into a blog of random video from around London.

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